Dear Friends,

          You may know the American Rescue Workers as a social service organization that accepts donations and operates thrift stores; and we are, but we are much more! The ARW is incorporated as a denominational, evangelical Christian Church committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and fulfilling the commission given by Jesus from Matthew 25:36-46:

40When you helped the least of these my brothers, you were helping me! 

          Each year we house thousands across the East coast in our shelters and provide meals, personal care items, and all kinds of assistance including groceries, clothing, bills, and Christmas baskets.  In our 30+ years here, nothing touched us more than witnessing one elderly woman from Poland, who had never owned a doll, receive one at the Christmas distribution.  Through my service with the American Rescue Workers, I have also seen hundreds of individuals overcome a lifetime of drug addiction and disastrous choices to become contributing members and leaders in their community.  I have witnessed the miraculous transformations God makes in people’s lives as they allow Him to use them.

          I’ve watched countless alcoholics put down their bottles as they fall in love with Jesus and become new creatures in Him. I’ve seen mothers and fathers come together to care for their children as God heals their wounds and renews their relationships. Similarly, teens who come from all sorts of horrendous backgrounds find acceptance and grace at the foot of the cross through our ministry...Despair turns to hope; darkness becomes light.

          The American Rescue Workers is a catalyst that God uses to reach the lost, help the hurting, and bring others into relationship with the Lord. Yes, the American Rescue Workers is so much more than donations and thrift stores – it is a place where the love of God is introduced to people through spiritual, material and educational aid. Welcome to the American Rescue Workers!


Pastor Sam and Mrs. Dawn Astin