Listed below are suggested donations; please check with your local corps office to make sure of exactly what they will accept:


Dishes/Kitchen Utensils
Small Appliances
Household Items
Bedding & Linens
Living Room Suites
Bedroom Suites
Dinette Sets
Mattresses & Box Springs
General Furnishings

The Dept. of Labor and Industry prohibits the receipt and redistribution of some cribs and car seats.

Individuals wishing to make a contribution to the work of the American Rescue Workers may:

  • Bring items to the warehouse address or donation location in your area.

  • Drop off items at any American Rescue Workers Drop Box located in your area.

  • Call your local office to arrange a home pick up for larger items.

Direct monetary donations to
“American Rescue Workers National Headquarters” 

mail to:

American Rescue Workers, Inc.
National Headquarters
25 Ross Street
Williamsport, Pa. 17701


*all donations are tax deductible